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Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of the British Isles and Ireland Click here.

Antiochian Parishes the British Isles and Ireland Click here.

Our YouTube Channel, with sermons from our church: Click here.

Before your first visit to an Orthodox Church - 12 Things I Wish I had Known: Click here

An Introduction to Orthodoxy. Click here

Meeting the Orthodox: Click here for answers to most commonly asked questions.

Why do Orthodox Christians bow down before icons and kiss them? No matter how it might appear to the non-Orthodox, we are not worshipping the icon, we are venerating it in much the same way as you might hold close to your heart a picture of your children or loved one. For more on this subject, click here

The Church Fathers: Writings of the early church fathers up to 325 AD

Christian Classics - Ethereal Library

The audio bible. The complete bible narrated by Alexander Scourby free on-line

Antiochian Orthodox Deanery of the United Kingdom and Ireland

Journeys to Orthodoxy

ancient faith radio

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